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Concrete Advantage

Your Premier Partner in Concrete Services.

At Concrete Advantage, we bring two decades of expertise to the concrete industry, offering top-notch services in Concrete Contracting and Concrete Delivery. As a licensed Certified General Contractor in the state of Florida, our commitment to quality, precision, and environmental responsibility sets us apart.

Speed Builder

Accelerate your projects with our Speed Builder expertise. Swift, reliable, and quality construction tailored to meet your deadlines.

Professional Team

Where professionalism meets construction excellence. Our seasoned team delivers precision and quality for your projects.

24/7 Support

Your projects, our commitment. Enjoy 24/7 support for uninterrupted construction excellence.

About Concrete Advantage

Building Excellence Since 2003

Concrete Advantage takes pride in two decades of unparalleled service as a concrete sub-contractor. Our roots in the industry run deep, and our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of renowned clients, including Chick Fil A, Gate Petroleum, JEA, and many more.

Certified General Contractor Capabilities

Backed by our Certified General Contractor status in Florida, we go beyond expectations, we construct confidence.

Precision Concrete Pouring

We believe in the art of precision. We ensure that each project receives the exact measure of strength and stability it demands.

Expert Mix Designs On-Site

Concrete Advantage embodies responsibility and sustainability with advanced volumetric mixing, and minimizing waste for a greener future.

Volumetric Mixing with Responsibility

Our commitment extends beyond concrete – it's about responsibility. With our advanced volumetric mixing, we embrace environmental stewardship.

Our Services

Discover excellence with Concrete Advantage. Our services encompass premier Concrete Contracting and swift Concrete Delivery. From expert craftsmanship in contracting to punctual and efficient delivery, we’re your trusted choice. Experience the best in concrete services—choose Concrete Advantage.

Explore Our Portfolio of Featured Works

Immerse Yourself in the Showcase of Excellence. Each Project Embodies a Testament to Precision, Craftsmanship, and Innovative Solutions. From Concept to Completion, Witness Our Commitment to Elevating Construction Standards and Bringing Visionary Ideas to Life.

Uncover the Extraordinary

Dive into a Compilation of Intriguing Insights and Remarkable Achievements. Learn More About Our Commitment to Innovation, Sustainability, and the Outstanding Milestones that Define Our Journey in the Construction Industry.

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Our Work Process

At Concrete Advantage, our work process is streamlined for success. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we prioritize efficiency, precision, and delivering your project on time, every time.

Detailed Planning

We initiate each project with thorough planning, addressing every aspect to ensure a comprehensive and successful execution.

Precision Execution

Our skilled team carries out each task with precision, adhering to industry standards and leveraging their expertise to guarantee top-notch results.


Our work process is flexible, allowing us to adapt to unexpected challenges or changes, ensuring a smooth and successful project completion.


Concrete Advantage specializes in two main services: Concrete Contracting and Concrete Delivery. Our Concrete Contracting service encompasses precision pouring, expert mix designs, and certified general contractor capabilities. On the other hand, our Concrete Delivery service offers on-demand, on-site concrete delivery during office hours.

Volumetric concrete mixing provides unparalleled flexibility and environmental responsibility. It allows for mix control, on-site mix design changes, and eliminates concerns about "hot loads." Our process is more environmentally friendly, reducing waste by mixing concrete on-site for the exact amount needed.

Concrete Advantage has proudly served the industry for over two decades, since 2003. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the trust of various reputable clients.

Absolutely. Concrete Advantage has a rich history of successful collaborations on commercial projects. Our portfolio includes work with renowned clients such as Chick Fil A, Gate Petroleum, JEA, RaceTrac, and many others.

Yes, we are a licensed Certified General Contractor in the state of Florida. This accreditation allows us to not only provide exceptional concrete services but also undertake underground work when necessary.

For Concrete Contracting, call us at (904) 813-9742, and for Concrete Delivery, reach us at (904) 886-4991. Our office hours are from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, ensuring timely assistance.